What you can expect from us

What you can expect from us

When we receive a complaint from you, it will be acknowledged promptly and considered carefully.

The Ombudsman does not necessarily investigate all complaints we receive. If you have not already done so, you may be asked to complain to the agency involved first or, if appropriate we may refer you to another dispute resolution body.

When the Ombudsman does investigate, it is done independently, impartially and in private. We will indicate how long it may take to deal with your complaint and provide the name of a contact person at our office.

The aim in all cases is to resolve complaint disputes fairly and to help agencies improve their services.

The work of the office helps people access remedies. These range from better explanations for actions, through to decisions being reconsidered or actions expedited. Other remedies include apologies and changes to law, policy or practices that help others in the future.

If we do not investigate your complaint, we will explain  clearly why, and suggest an alternative avenue for resolving the  problem if we know of one. Generally speaking, we will recommend that  you try to sort out your complaint with the agency before approaching  our office.

Our standards of service are set out in greater detail in our service charter. We would welcome your feedback and suggestions about the standards, as well as on our performance.