Complaints about an agency's handling of your FOI access application

The ACT Freedom of Information Act 2016 (the FOI Act) provides a right to any person to access government held information unless giving access to the information would be contrary to the public interest.

The FOI Act applies to information held by the majority of ACT Government agencies. It also applies to information held by ACT Ministers, other than information relating to a Minister’s personal or political activities, or created or received by a Minister in the Minister’s capacity as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

An agency or Minister must make a decision on an access application within 20 working days. This period may be extended with agreement of the applicant, if consultation with third parties is required or if an extension is granted by the Ombudsman on application by the agency or Minister.

Complaints about actions

You can make a complaint to the Ombudsman about an agency’s or Minister’s action, or failure to take action, in relation to any of the agency’s or Minister’s functions under the FOI Act. For example, you can complain about an agency's or Minister’s handling of your access application.

The Ombudsman will consider your concerns, and may conduct an investigation into your complaint. To make a complaint about an agency or Minister, please use our online complaint form.

Reviews of decisions

If you are dissatisfied with the agency's or Minister’s decision on your access application, you can apply for an Ombudsman review of the decision. More information about making a review application is provided in our factsheet and application form: Applying for an Ombudsman Review.

Access to information held by the Ombudsman

For access applications to the Ombudsman's office please see the relevant page: Freedom of information request. Please note that the FOI Act takes information that has been obtained or generated in relation to an Ombudsman review, or an Ombudsman complaint investigation to be contrary to the public interest to disclose.