Complaints the Ombudsman can investigate

How to make complaints in the ACT

Complaints the Ombudsman can investigate

The Ombudsman can deal with most complaints involving the administrative actions of ACT Government agencies and police, including freedom of information requests made to them and whistleblower disclosures.

The legislation governing the Ombudsman authorises us to investigate complaints about, or issues related to:

For complaints about Australian Government agencies see the Commonwealth Ombudsman website.

Complaints the Ombudsman cannot investigate

The ACT Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction to investigate complaints about:

  • The actions of ACT Government ministers or politicians
  • private individuals
  • issues relating to environmental management and sustainability
  • decisions of courts and tribunals
  • public service employment
  • disability services
  • health services
  • services for children and young people
  • services for older people